I need and wish a folder view in Roon

Roon has found 10% of the files in my music collection that are supposedly corrupt. That’s over 5000 tracks that are inaccessible to me, but I know in which folders they are and all are playable.

So 5000 titles that I can not listen to with Roon although I pay for it.

I think I am not the only one who misses this feature very much. And it will influence the decision whether I renew the subscription or not.

Every (free) audio solution I used before Roon could do this. Why not Roon?

Besides, navigation through a good folder structure is in many cases faster and more effective.

Roon have been firm on this, it is not going to happen … further discussion is moot.

If you would like help with the reported file corruption can you start another topic please, as that has nothing to do with folder browsing or lack of it.