I need one page scanned from the Jeff Beck Beckology booklet

Excuse me if I’m not allowed to ask for this because of copyright issues.

I scan all the artwork from my CDs. I just noticed a blunder on my scan of the booklet from the Jeff Beck Beckology box set.

I just need one page and was hoping someone could scan it for me as I’ve tossed my copy.

It’s from the 60+ page booklet and I need the page that would be numbered “4” (technically it’s the 6th page counting the cover and inside cover).

Ideally I’d like 300dpi, uncompressed tif, and something slightly larger than the page itself. You don’t have to fuss about getting the page perfectly aligned, I’ll fix it. The file can be losslessly compressed in any windows or unix form (zip, gz, bz2, etc) – I can cope.

Thanks in advance!

Why would you throw away the booklet but keep the CDs?

Moved to a place where storage space is at a premium. It’s an on going project to down size all my excesses. I expect to get it all under control about a day before I expire :nerd_face: