I presume Roon can't play back blu-ray audio media?

Just checking / getting it onto some wish list…

Roon does not play any optical disc media.


You can use DVD Audio Extractor to rip the audio to Flac files to be played in Roon. It has support for 5.1 and 2.0 audio.

It works on Blu-ray audio discs as well.

I have some BDMV files - raw blu ray audio. I guess use DVD audio extractor to get .flac or some such from that?

Yes, works perfectly and use it myself. Simply select the folder or optical disc, specify the output format and your good to go.

You may get a copy protection issue in which case you can rip the bluray to an iso image using ‘MakeMKV’.
Then run DVD Audio Extractor on the iso image.

I ran into this issue trying to use DVD Extractor to extract audio from BDs. Although the DVD AE site says it’s compatible with BDs, the caveat is it only works on BDs without encryption.

For BD discs, I had to use a program to decrypt the BD and create a backup file. Then I could point DVD AE to the backup file and extract the audio.