I really don’t understand some people who post on this and some other threads in the Roon forum

I really don’t understand some people who post on this and some other threads in the Roon forum.

You are perfectly entitled to switch to another music streaming service whenever you want, but It’s almost as if some posters take great delight in the possibility that the appearance of Apple lossless could mean the demise of Roon and its external streaming partners. It is becoming a little like the so called ‘debate’ around MQA where individuals with grievances team up to actively encourage others in the forum to abandon Tidal simply because they have dared to use MQA.

Please remember that most Roon users are not of the same opinion as you. The majority of us are very happy with Roon and would be devastated if the demise of Tidal and Qobuz were to mean that Roon loses access to its external streaming service partners.

Most of us don’t recognize or understand comments like:

“Roon gives me …, lots of headache with low quality software at a fairly high price”.

"Yes. This is the WTF how is this not addressed yet bit for me. A complete and total clusterfck".*

You imply that everyone who uses Roon feels the same way you do and has the same issues that you have.

However, for most of us, Roon most certainly cannot be dismissed as “low quality software”. Roon has transformed our listening experiences and music discovery dramatically for the better.

Roon runs absolutely flawlessly on all of my home systems with no issues whatsoever. By all means report issues that you are having and ultimately make your decision to move to Apple or any other streaming service. That is absolutely your right, but please let the rest of us continue to use and enjoy Roon.


As everywhere in life there are satisfied customers. Like you. Congrats. I am not. And of course you are free to wonder. [Moderated] All good. I understand your point. But … there are others. Paying the same money and getting poorly quality checked, buggy premium (?) software. Not ready to accept this although reported months (like 18ish) ago and with no solution. All I want is a company not sitting on their hands and ignoring clear software issues. Stay away from such topics if you don’t like the message might be an option for you.



I am perfectly happy to be classed as a ‘fan’ of Roon and a keen advocate of what Roon has given me in terms of my enjoyment of music listening and music discovery.

Perhaps the biggest difference between my approach to this and other similar threads and that of some others is that I am very happy to post positively about Roon on this and other forums. However, although I have a personal aversion to most things ‘Apple’, I do not log into their forums (I assume they have forums) and slag off their products or their privacy policies. I fully understand that very many people do like their products.

I have no bones to pick with members of Roon who have issues and raise support tickets about those issues, nor with those who voice their opinion that the software is ‘poor’ and that they intend to leave, despite the fact that it works extremely well for most users.

My advice to those in that position is to try installing Roon on a reliable and recommended platform such as Roon Rock on an Intel NUC, or on a Nucleus if cost is not a concern. The fact that Roon chooses to support multiple platforms and implementation scenarios can be seen by some as a huge positive. But those who choose to go down one of the less ‘standard’ implementation routes should be aware of the understandable possibility that support or resolution for their issues won’t (or can’t) be as immediate as those for more standard installations.


I love when posters say things like “Most of us”, when in actuality, what they really mean is “ME.”

I would really appreciate it if you wouldn’t put forward the idea that your subjective opinions & feelings are “most people.”

I’m sorry if alternate opinions which don’t match your gut feelings may make you uneasy, but, that’s life. There are thousands of users, each with their own take. I appreciate your passion, but, Roon doesn’t need its own defense force.

As George Carlin once said, “the radio has two dials, one changes the channel, the other changes the volume.” If you don’t care for the contents of a certain thread, post in a different one and don’t read this one.

We all love Roon & the folks that work there, or, we wouldn’t be here. These concerns are raised because we all desire long-term health for Roon. That doesn’t mean the software or company are beyond criticism or the hypothetical pontifications of its user base.


The issue is this: We care about Apple in Roon because we care about Roon, just like you. The possibility of Tidal and Qobuz going under is not remote with Apple and Spotify entering the market, and preventing this from ruining Roon is not something that can be done overnight. So hence we are trying to discuss and incentivize Roon to push for Apple integration, although I am certain they don’t need any incentives and are fully engaged in this.

As for complaining about the Roon software quality: Some of it is great. A few corners are disastrous (eg iPhone app) and have been longstanding issues for lots of people for a very long time. Yes, I understand the Roon team is small, and yes fixing the iPhone app probably requires a re-write which is expensive, but no this is not acceptable.

Finally, this is a forum where topics get discussed. As long as the discussion is civil, it is what these forums are made of. If you don’t like the discussion, tune out!!!



The very point I was trying to make! Thank you!

However, given your criticism of my claim that ‘most of us’ would not describe Roon’s software as “low quality” or "a complete clusterf…k ", shouldn’t your own claim of “We all love Roon & the folks that work there” also be subject to the same scrutiny?

There doesn’t seem to be very much love of Roon in some of the posts here! It would appear that not all of us here love Roon!

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That’s a very binary, black & white view of the world, though.

In reference to your posts, to love something is apparently to remain blind to any fault, criticism, or failure. That’s simply not a very realistic or nuanced viewpoint.

It’s entirely possible to love something in the main while also understanding that things are perhaps either not where you’d want them to be, or where they should be.

It’s not as though Roon is some free-to-use Github project, either. Sure, there may be a certain percentage of folks who post here after they’ve tried the software & legitimately hated it, but, by and large, the users here aren’t dropping six bills on a piece of niche, boutique software if they genuinely dislike either it, or the company.

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Rest assured I don’t. I am not five. It’s business not friendship


Apropos of loving Roon but still having concerns and criticisms:

All of the following are true (for me):

  • I love what Roon allows me to do with my music listening
  • I am critical of how several aspects of the 1.8 rollout were handled
  • I love Roon less after the 1.8 rollout (various aspects of the rollout)
  • But, I still love Roon and really want it to continue to exist
  • I am concerned about the impact of Apple Music etc on Qobuz/Tidal, and hence on Roon’s future health and existence
  • I am really, really, hoping that the following is NOT what’s happening here:


Touche! I stand corrected. Not everyone loves Roon :rofl:


Hear Hear!

More or less my sentiments entirely!

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This list mirrors my experience/perceptions almost exactly. Thanks for crystalizing things.

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If you were trying to support or even motivate a group of workers to continue their work, how helpful is an annihilation metaphor? Perhaps taking them to a bar and talking about the inevitability of death would inspire more productivity?

Why is it necessary?

If any action were due, surely it would be against Apple and Amazon?

I really like Roon, imperfect as everything is in the digital age, and look forward to their future in a world where Apple and Amazon take their place alongside MacDonalds, and some of us want something that is better for you.

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Roon has worked perfectly for me since the day I plugged in my Nucleus almost 19 months ago. I do hope Apple Music turns out to be a good alternative for use away from home. I get Apple Music for free from Verizon. I don’t like Audirvana 3.5 and don’t want to pay $70 per year for Audirvana Studio.


The concern about Roon being impacted by Apple Music (indirectly, via impact on Qobuz/Tidal) has been expressed numerous times in threads on these forums, but people continue to ask why the hoopla about Apple Music. So I thought it might be useful to express the concern as clearly/vividly as possible. I also indicated that I hope that this does not come to pass.

I wasn’t intending to impact the motivation/demotivation of the Roon team. I do not assume that genuine expression of concern (as quite distinct from display of vitriol) in these forums has such an impact. You are free to assume that it does.

I always think it’s the same software and so if yours is buggy, perhaps the reason lies elsewhere in network or implementation.
Roon is not buggy for me and yes, I am a fanboy… Why? Well Roon generally works as I expect it to without issue. I agree with the OP, and expect there are many more, mostly silent, people who just enjoy Roon for what it is whilst appreciating the passion which led to its development.
I could care less about Apple, Amazon and Spotify music services even if they are cheaper. I want Roon to Survive long term and support the service we have now.


A happy lightweight user for sure, if I needed heavier use, I’d perhaps need more powerful hardware…

I don’t quite get how an extinction cartoon expresses concern, unless everyone assumes that Roon haven’t quite understood Apple have a cash mountain that would relieve the debts of many developing countries, though they do nothing?

It is not vitriol, but it is, nonetheless, undermining.

I am a devoted (to deliberately not use the word “happy”) Roon customer. I find that my level of tolerance on some Roon shortcomings (for me it is the frequent “freeze” whereupon I need to clear the cache or restart the app on the iPhone or restart the Roon server) is probably higher than that of others. What it offers greatly offsets said shortcomings. So whilst not always happy I am still loyal.

Just to offer a different (and perhaps, devious) perspective: Roon may not be so averse to an Apple takeover ? I hope not (despite being a loyal Apple customer for other products):slight_smile:

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Part of the problem may be that the posts above and including mine were part of an “Apple Music integration” thread, until the mods separated them into this thread. It was probably clearer in the context of the Apple Music thread what concern is being expressed. And the expression of concern is not really aimed at Roon, who presumably can’t do much about it – it’s more for others on the forum, who are not sure why Apple Music may be a problem.

Alrighty, then. You’re certainly entitled to your opinion, even if stated as fact.