I Should Know This... iOS output bit rate

I am using an iPad with a budget DAC that plugs into the Lightening port. Using a mini-phono jack out to rca-in on a pre-amp.

Is there any way to ascertain what the bit rate of my output stream? I assume, no but just checking.


Your path shows lossless output of a 96 kHz 24 bit stream and 2 channels. I would assume this to be 96.000 x 24 x 2 / 1000 = 4608 kBit.

Thank you @Andreas_Philipp1 so I can safely assume that if my DAB can deliver the 96kHZ, then that is what I am getting?

Assuming we can believe Roon’s signal path data, I think this is so. Otherwise there would be some step of down sampling and/or reducing the bit depth being involved.

Some DAC have different LED colors to represent sample rates. If you use a MQA DAC, your DAC must have some way to represent it.

On higher priced units you’ll have multiple LED or numeric display.