I suddenly cannot connect to the roon core via roon arc

Ik kan ineens geen verbinding maken met de roon core via roon arc sinds gisteren al handmatig de modem geconfigureerd maar zonder

I suddenly cannot connect to the roon core via roon arc since yesterday already manually configured the modem but with no result.

@Hans_Dales, welcome to the Roon community. I have moved your post to a new #support thread, as this is how we prefer to deal with support requests.

To receive appropriate help, it would be really helpful if you could complete the template provided below. Please be sure to include details of your core, network, storage location of your media files, and any messages displayed by Roon. Thank you.

Roon Core Machine

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Networking Gear & Setup Details

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Connected Audio Devices

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Number of Tracks in Library

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Description of Issue

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Including these details in your first post helps resolve your issues faster.

And since this seems to be a Port Forwarding issue, I’ve moved it again into the #support:port-forwarding-help category. Please supply the information asked for by Martin, and add your answer to the question: who is your ISP? Thanks.

Are there any error messages being shown on Roon’s Settings > Roon Arc page? If so, please copy and paste them here. Thanks again.


My Roon Core Machine;
Roon Nucleus

Network Gear & Setup Details;
Arris of Compal connectionbox ((Ziggo) via Silent Angel Bonn8 to the Nucleus
connection Ethernet not using VPN

Connected Audio Devices;
Via modem Lan tot Bonn swiches, lan to Roon Nucleus , to Krell digital vanguard dac

Number of tracks in my library;
+/- 1300

Description of Issue;
Roon Arc no connection to Roon it sees the nucleus but not conecting.
For the time it worked fine…:confused:
I’ve tride everything, restarded, reinstalled etc.
Roon itself is perfect.

And by Roon’s Settings > Roon Arc it keeps testing …

Roon Core ip Port 55000
Mij ISP is Ziggo
In the modem, By Port-forwarding i made the setting manually 55000 55000 TCP
I live in Holland

Roon ARC works perfect now and i dit nothing….:face_with_monocle:

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I’ve got the same problem.

@Rich_Watson, please open a new #support:port-forwarding-help thread, and provide details of your setup. Thanks.

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