I suggest that ROON does warn you when you want to add duplicates

… like many software already does like: “This file already exists, do you really want to import it again?”

I have to many duplicates in both Roon and Audirvana, and now running a (very cool) software called Duplicate File Finder, it does not cost much and saves you TONS of hours of endless work. But again if Roon and A could warn you before importing…

The same would go for Audirvana, will post on their site soonish


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I would love a warning when adding duplicate tracks to playlists.

But Roon has to import it to identify it first. If identified it could then give you the option to delete it.

When Roon imports a file and realizes it is a duplicate, it will move that track to be under the Versions tab and will identify such as duplicate. To get a list of duplicates, you can focus on duplicates in the Focus / Inspector section (I might be wrong, doing this from memory and don’t have the program open in front of me to verify). Once you’ve focused on duplicates it can be set as a bookmark that can be quick referenced in the future.

And once you have a list of duplicates then you can remove them if you want. Or hide them.

But why can’t ROON (or Audirvana for that sake) not do the same as every small texting software, telling me:
“This file (named XXX) already exists, do you want to add it again? YES or NO.”
Should be no big deal to add that feature for a good software developer

I think the main problem here is that the filename isn’t especially relevant. For example, I’ve just done a quick search of my music files and have 48 files called Autumn Leaves and, from the point of view of Roon, they’re all different, which is correct, because they’re all versions of the same song - but by different artists, groups, and so on. If Roon popped up a warning every time I added a new version I’d be heartily sick of it by now and would be begging them to remove the feature.

In other words, any search for duplicates can’t be based on filename as this would generate a ton of false positives.

Yes, but if you have “The Eagles, Hotel California (XRCD)” with the exact same name already, should you not have an option to import it again (maybe bcs of different bit rate…)

Yes, possibly, but I suspect another part of the problem here is that Roon tends to focus on albums rather than tracks … and the same track can appear on multiple albums (and have the same file name).