I think Roon should not be crowd sourcing it’s Metadata for content enrichment

This is all I can comment on this discussion: :man_facepalming:t5:


You are getting this delivered to you, via Roon.

The fact that users have also contributed is pretty irrelevant to you.

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So don’t contribute and it won’t be DIY.

I really don’t understand why this concept is so difficult for many to understand.

You will benefit from the work of everyone else who contributes, even if you don’t contribute.

Those who contribute are doing so with the full understanding that their efforts will help themselves as well as others, even if those others do not contribute.

Those who contribute do so purely out of their own desire to do, and many consider that their efforts helping others is a positive thing, not some form of “being used by the man”.


Are people really this cynical or they have nothing better to do on a Sunday evening 6 days before Christmas?

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I’m sick in bed with COVID and am bored of watching movies. I’d love to work but I can’t concentrate long enough. Brain fog. :mask:

I tried to play Minecraft with my kid on our personal server, but I also smashed my thumb in the door due to the previously stated brain fog, and it hurts to move the joystick.

Mostly, I’ve been adjusting photos of artists :slight_smile:


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Get well soon…


Get well soon. And end this thread. It isn’t leading anywhere :wink:

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Thanks for this

I hope you get back on your feet soon. Hoping for the fastest recovery.


I’ve had an absolute blast adding images and logos.
I apparently listen to a lot of 80’s punk that have no images.
Sadly, I haven’t been paying attention to who owns the rights. I’ll change tact there.

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Even that doesn’t necessarily mean you have the rights to distribute a photo.

I have concert photos that I took with my camera that are basically owned by the artist whose management granted me limited distribution rights in exchange for access.

I have others with no such contract, but then name image and likeness rights come into play.

Nothing is ever as simple as it seems.

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I contributed via Art Director.

I found it an interesting process. It definitely made me think about images, placement, and my preferences. I don’t see any issue with asking users.

After all users have been helping shape the software for many years.

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I was off work for two and a half weeks - it wasn’t a pleasant experience. Get plenty of rest.

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Get well soon Danny.

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I find it hard to believe some of the posts I have read herein.
I have made some contributions to the Art Director program and have done so willingly and gladly knowing it should help everyone.
I don’t find it a chore or consider myself being used in any way shape or form.

I just wish I had a little more time to dedicate towards it.

I think it’s quite simple, if you don’t like the idea then just don’t partake, there are plenty who are doing so your contribution will not be missed.

BTW…get well soon @danny :+1:


I can’t quite tell if there are some here who think that I ought not contribute my labor voluntarily.

I get the intent of “Roon should err more on the side of watching out for content creators proactively”, even if I personally think that Roon is on the right side of the intent of the law as currently written. But I do not get the source of “Roon should not crowd source from anyone, even if I have no obligation or expectation to participate”.


Just to build on that. Roon is opening a wide door to copyright infringement that it’s members may unknowingly walk through. Roon knows this of course, but is ok with it. The community may not fully understand the legal trap set here. Internally, Roon appears to act proactively to support copyrights, but appears to take a restorative approach with community members. This unfortunately places it’s members in legal jeopardy. For the benefit of everyone, I hope Roon loudly flags copyright law at the front of their program that requests others to provide them images. In creating a “corpus” of music, I would like this community to support all artists not just musicians.


I have been simply moving images around, and selecting preferences, via the HTML art director tool. I didn’t even realise uploading of images was possible.

I agree. It is completely ridiculous for the expensive subscription based service to require its customers to improve it. There are so many gaps and poor photos. For example that of Sir Simon Rattle is at least 30 years out of date. He will have a PA and publisher who can do this sort of thing for him as will all celebrities.

Thus you just end up with the system stuffed full of marketing The latest and greatest and little for the more obscure way information is more helpful.

Not sure if serious??

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