I used some of my votes for Roon ARC + CarPlay, is there a way to get them back?

Shouldn’t we get our “Votes” back once an enhancement has been delivered/done/completed/implemented? Shouldn’t Lifetime Members get more Votes, or unlimited Votes since we’re here for a Lifetime?


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They should come back if someone closes the thread as resolved, but if you are satisfied you can always remove your vote from a suggestion by clicking the blue Voted button and then Remove Vote. Then you can use it somewhere else


By the way, to find all your votes go to your user profile page > Votes

I did this many times before if I found a new suggestion that trumped another one I had already voted for

@Suedkiez thanks again. Apparently my comments are not proper for this thread, and are being removed. I’ll watch the totals. Hope you get this message. Appreciate the help.

Sorry @Neil_Small, for the unintentional deletion. :weary: I was trying to move the flagged posts to a new thread. It’s now restored.

You raised a good question, and I’m happy to see that you and @Suedkiez shared the answer. I restored your explanation post thinking it may be helpful to others. I hope you don’t mind.


Hi Neil, no … it’s purposefully limited so that people evaluate what’s really important to them.

Over time some features will be implemented and those cast votes are released back to the users.

Whilst other features suggestions may take on a higher or lower importance, in which case a choice is made and the least important voted for suggestion has to be withdrawn to free up a vote.

Hope that makes some sense … think of it as quality of voting not quantity.