I’ve never understood ripping vinyl

That’s the one. Hi-Fi world 2009. I had an avid volvere sequel and sme iv back then. How time flies…
I remember thinking how genius ‘cottage industry’ can be looking at and reading about yours.

Lucky for me I have zero attraction to Classical music so all I have to do is rip a CD to my MAC Mini takes me less than 5 minutes. Reading all the issues with Classical Box sets and multiple versions of the same album…sheesh! Classical Rock is as close as I get to classical music… :rofl: Most my listening is Smooth Jazz The Rippingtons, Boney James, Dave Koz…et al…

I have ripped aprox. 1k Lp’s. I am done ripping my Lp collection.
I also transfered some 200 analoq master tape copies to digital.
I am truly happy I did that, because none of these are available in the digital domain.


Right - I pretty much only capture vinyl when the content isn’t available on CD or streaming. Occasionally I have ripped a disc just because the particular release was noticeably better quality. “In general” vinyl isn’t mastered with as much compression as for digital, and so occasionally that can make some difference.


It’s fun and the record covers and inserts are MUCH better than you get with CDs. CD boxes are cold lifeless plastic things that are difficult to read and handle. I dislike them as they accumulate, pile up and uselessy take up space. As opposed to record covers which I love and can actually read comfortably after ripping. Not to mention SQ which is also better (depending on condition of the disk, of course).

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I Rip Vinyl for discs not available in Digital. Andy Fairweather Low… Bee Bop n Holla for one.
Jin Couza, Jubilee is another… Oh and Faces, Coast To Coast…

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Cool. My first linear tracker was the Rabco SL-8E arm. That had a nasty habit of picking up in the middle of a record, when the servo contacts got dirty. I replaced it with a conventional arm, an SME 3009, which I used for years.

Years later, I got an Eminent Technology arm on eBay and bought a new arm board for it from SOTA. My work on it was interrupted the first time by an eye problem (retinal detachment) and when I got back to it, I managed to trash a good cartridge. I bought a cheap one for the express purpose of working on the ET but as of now it’s still a work in progress.

Two is the greatest number of turntables I have ever had in my house. I still keep the modified Thorens TD 125 for playing 78’s. If another SOTA ever happened to fall on my lap, I could see keeping one exclusively for setting up the ET and maybe eventually deploying them, bringing my TT count up to 3 for the first time.