I want a new Roon endpoint that is not a computer

I use the Pi2Design Hybrid Tube Amp as a headphone endpoint. It’s great fun, with a cute Steampunk vibe, but it’s probably noisier through Wi-Fi than some of the other solutions above.

No US suppliers, we ship Worldwide from the UK.

Just out of curiosity what are people using for a keyboard and mouse in this type of setup? Are there any ways to use some kind of remote?


I have the confirmation they ship worldwide from The Netherlands :slight_smile:

At the moment you can order one via the contact form on their website.

I just SSH to the RPi


Is this like a Sonicorbiter or MicroRendu?

It is a Pi. With a HAT. And a case.

Kind of, except it has a WIfI connection (VS. ethernet cable only) and a S/PdIF output instead of USB.

Is Roon Ready or Certified?

I don’t see it on Partners list.

Is it the same quality compared to Micro Rendu and Sonicorbiter ?

you can build it yourself https://www.hifiberry.com/ Buy the hardware, assemble it (takes minutes) and use something like DietPi on it.

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I am guessing the Digi + bundle? I already have a headphones DAC/ Amp.

Are these guys US-based (shipped from US)?

Yes the Digi+ bundle does it. They are Swiss based. I am in New Zealand and my shipment arrived in six days from ordering. Not bad for nearly 12,0000 miles!

How about a Pi 3 with display, PiCoreplayer and Jivelite package for a lovely Squeezebox type package? Just set it up.All in all c.£100 though I’m sure it can be had for less.

img src="//roon-community-uploads.s3.amazonaws.com/original/2X/2/2cf3e492b6022ac702b7d2ea1c852932167cd88b.JPG" width=“669” height=“499”>

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You can buy the Pi stuff from a local distributor if you like – it’s even on Amazon. :slight_smile:

If you don’t mind a little bit of handiwork, you’ll build yourself a great RoonBridged endpoint on the cheap. If that scares you off: Sonic Build offers a nice prebuilt solution using the same components – at a price.

Nice! Don’t know if I find that fake yellowing on the VU’s amusing or garish though… :wink:

How about this for garish steam punk?



Seems they must like you Kiwi’s, but not us Aussie’s (they show 5 weeks shipping for us). Looks like they’re trying to push us to buy local in Oz.

Wow, a week or less is pretty standard for us from Europe or the US. 5 weeks is ridiculous.