I want to obtain the optimum sound

so i am new around here, and i am confused.
My set up currently is based around a Devialet 200 amp, with an Auralic Aries,Meridian G08:2 for disks,Kef reference 203mk2 speakers, compleat cable loom is Chord Signature, all kit sits on Townshend Seismic kit.
Every thing is powered via a balanced power supply.
I have a Qnap nas, which i intened to copy my near 4000 cd’s on to, but for the time being i use Tidal HiFi,and now Roon.
I know a little about networks etc but not enougth, so i want to obtain the optimum sound i can acheive with roon, so please advise on some things i should do, what settings,where to make them etc etc.
Any info please will be greatly appreciated