I want to rename an album

I would like a way to rename an album. I’ve found that the database has named several of my albums by the wrong name and there is no way to correct this. I’ve also found when you chose to identify your album with the correct version it does change the song listing but does not change the album name. For example my 2cd edition of Genesis “From Genesis to Revelation” comes in as “In the Beginning” so I scrolling through all the options and find my version select it and everything changes except for the correct name of the album. Also, Deep Purple’s “Made in Japan” comes in as “Live in Japan” which is the wrong title as it does not exist.

Also, Artist names too, as the database has “The Ramones” which is wrong, it’s just Ramones.

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More editing options are coming, and using the album title from your file tags will likely be one of the first editing features we implement.

This sounds like a bug. Thanks for the report, we’ll look into it.

I’m seeing both in our database, and poking around google. Tricky one.

Can the databases be combined when seeing 2 artists one with “The” and one without in front of their name? I have a couple artist where one album is listed with and without “The” in front of their name, the band being “Pavers”. Another artists I have is “The Well” which comes in just as “Well”… It may just need to be addressed on a case by case bases whether or not to ignore the “The” in front of the bands name.

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What do the albums look like, as far as identification status? If the albums are all identified, they should be tied to the right artist in our database (whether we agree with the handling of ‘The’ or not).

If some of the albums are not identified, I’d try using the Identify feature first, and if you’re not able to find a match, maybe try editing the file tags.

Obviously, this is a work around until our editing functionality is more fleshed out, so let us know how it works out @Mystic.

Both Pavers albums are identified but are identified as 2 different artists. One album comes in as “The Pavers” which has a bio and everything the other albums links to “Pavers” which has no bio or anything but under the Artist section there are 2 artist blocks "one for Pavers and one for The Pavers…FYI the correct name of the band is Pavers.

Thanks @anon94274355 – I see the issue in our database and I’m putting in a ticket to get this fixed.

FYI, our sources (other than one) all seem to call this band “The Pavers” so look for everything to show up there once we work out the issue in our database.

Thanks, Mike… I’ve found another issue of a album coming in under the wrong artist. A cd by the band The Want “Greatest Hits Volume 5” (Southern Lord Records) comes in under a completely different band called The Want. I also have another instance of this happening but can’t remember what it was at the moment.