I want to search only my library for a title

It is driving me nuts. I want to search only MY library on Roon for a title but I am ending up with crap from other sources such as Qobuz and more in the results. The items in my library don’t show up. What am I doing wrong or does Roon need to fix this?

In Search results, you can click the Library icon to limit results to your library.


To be clear, My Library is anything you have added to your library, from local or online sources. The icon circled in the last post is the ‘local library’ filter.

You can also use focus to search only local files if you want to drill down to what you have in your local directory and not on a streaming service.

Just know that if you have the album in your library from two different sources Roon likes to hide versions and only show the higher ?quality? version, for me at least, I have to tell it to show hidden tracks and albums under settings/general to have a chance at seeing the local files.

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