I would love ROCK + Plex

If only I could run ROCK and PLEX together…

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Just use a minimal Linux OS and run RoonServer; it’s not a big deal.

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Exactly, the whole point of Rock is a known minimal os that Roon support on published NUC HW, any other HW installation whether it works or not and you are on your own, if ROCK doesn’t do what you want then a Windows, Mac or Linux installation is your answer.

Or convince the Roon team to do video and replace PLEX.

In Roon Labs own word…

If you want something else than run your own OS… There is many choices out there… I do this with my own OS Install. Debian to be exact.
To be honest I hope I never see another app mixed with Roon/ROCK. Its perfect the way it is and for what is intended for…

Me, too! Or even Emby. But, please don’t get me all riled up like this in the morning. I will just have a bad day now that this doesn’t exist.