i5-5257U compatible Rock


i just bought this mini pc

and i want to know if it will be compatible with roon rock ?
I have a large library (around 200.000 tracks). I dont think i will use DSP.

If not, i will cancel my order.


I don’t know what chipsets and stuff are in that box, so it’s hard to know without trying.

Thanks for you reply. I guess i will try. I could have at least put roon on pré-installed windows X

If you can go from UEFI in bios to Legacy mode it should load. The chipset will determine if Ethernet works.

i just received it. manage to go to legacy boot but unable to make it boot from usb…

Worst case install Ubuntu server, then Roon Server.

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Hmmm…if it won’t boot from USB, getting anything installed will be tricky. Let us know what you figure out.

With a NUC you have two boot up options, one takes you into bios and the other takes you into boot up options. If the USB drive is bootable it will appear there, if not it will be missing and you have to look at re-burning the image on to the USB.

I manage to boot on USB with Ubuntu OS in UEFI mode. I guess I will retry Rock OS. Could I burn the Rock Image with rufus ?

EDIT : I put Rock OS on the bootable USB with Rufus. In UEFI Mode (I know it doesnt works but it is just for testing purpose), I saw the USB but cant boot on it. In LEGACY Mode, I dont see the USB Key…

Rufus is Windows oriented so will probably only create UEFI bootable discs. The option I use is Etcher which does a good job with ROCK for me.

@moderators - Perhaps this thread should move to Tinkering. The device in question is, as far as I can tell, not on the supported ROCK list.

moved it to Roon/Linux

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