IC: KEF LS50W + Stands (all immaculate) [SOLD]

Checking if theres any interest before committing to a sale at the moment, but likely to let them go if someone is particularly keen.

I have a pair of immaculate LS50W speakers, in Grey with Red drivers. Bought as “Ex Demo” from a UK hifi sealer, but as is often the case these days, I received a new pair and they were untouched.

I’ve been using them as a Roon endpoint, with my SVS subwoofer connected and have enjoyed them a lot. But as I’m missing my analogue fix, I’m keen to move back to traditional separates and larger speakers.

The stands are from Richer sounds, and although not the official KEF units, they were ideal alternatives to me. They have cable management, mass loading capability and suit the look of the kefs so well, especially side on.

The stands would be a slight pain to post, but it is possible. Collection preferred if you want both. Looking online, £1100 seems to be where the KEF’s are at these days, but for a forum member I’m thinking £1000.

Stands £100 separately or £50 if taken with the speakers.

They are located in Edinburgh city centre, and I happen to be driving down the west coast from Edinburgh to Cheshire in early feb if that helps anyone!

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a reduction down to £800 and if collected i will throw in the stands :slight_smile:

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Gosh, someone should really take these and be proud. That’s a screaming deal (at least in the US it would be, I’m not going to pick them up or ship them from the UK!) and I adore these speakers - with the right system.

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Even here in the UK it’s a steal!

Good luck David :+1:

Thats a good deal,great speakers,if you we’re nearer to Glasgow I’d been interested

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Umm, I’m only from the US, but aren’t the two cities an hour apart on the motorway?

Yes about that but I don’t drive

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At asking price, I’d drive them over to you

what’s the right system? there is no system :slight_smile: they are the system lol

still here, but likely to go on ebay soon if no interest in the forums

Very much still here, pending eBay’s next £1 listing day :slight_smile:

amazingly, sold locally!