IC: Matrix Element I - Roon Ready DAC / Streamer with airplay

So this is an interest check for a specific reason you’ll see shortly….

First things first. This is a great little DAC / streamer / headphone amp. A proper roon capable DSD streamer, a multi input DAC and a gutsy headphone amp capable of driving harder to drive headphones.

It can be used fixed into another amp or can be used as a preamp itself with a fully digital volume control.

has single ended and balanced outputs. The roon connectivity is snappy, responsive and very consistent. It also has airplay combatibility that works well and a remote control.

Check out the reviews a plenty, but this dac measures 100% neutral, even across the board and has class leading signal to noise. Frankly If like me, you believe all well made dacs sound the same then this is probably end game material. It sounds perfect. Detailed, smooth, clean, powerful and with gorgeous imaging and soundstage.

so…. What’s the bad?

well, I bought this second hand, and when it arrived the wireless was knackered and the unit wasn’t in quite as good condition as I would have liked. However I agreed some discount as I believed I could fix the unit down the line. I haven’t gotten around to this, as I just used it wireless instead.

The issue is the little pads the wireless antenna attached too have been ruined at some point. So anyone handy with a soldering iron can probably sort this out. Or get a local technician to fix on the cheap. Me, I just used it wired.

otherwise the unit is perfect. Boxed, all remote and instructions etc

these are £1100 new. I ended up getting this unit for £700.

here, I’m asking £600 and for that, I’ll include UK postage.

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