(musicguyUSA) #1

Hello all. I am new to Roon and have been reading the KB documentation extensively as well as this forum to better understand what I require to use Roon. I think I want to dedicate a new Mac mini (3.6GHz quad core Intel i3, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD drive) as my Roon Core.

My question is regarding where the music files are stored. I know I could use a NAS or USB-C drives as the storage for these files and point the WATCHED FOLDER to the appropriate directory, but could I use iCloud instead?

I have seen some posts about using iCloud for backup purposes. I would rather use iCloud as my NAS drive. If this will work, what might be the performance implications, if any? Thank you in advance for the assistance.

(Jan Willem) #2

Hi David,

I don’t think iCloud is an option within Roon. On my iMac I can see and use Google Drive and Dropbox. iCloud however is not visible…
Using a cloud service might cause performance issues in my opinion.
How about some testing with Google Drive or Dropbox (free accounts), put some big FLACS on it and find out…


Nope. Other than local, I don’t think Roon will recognize a location that is not an SMB type connection.

If you have an iCloud drive, it should be easy enough to check. Let us know how things work out.

Oh yeah, one other thing. If you’re not already committed to the Apple eco-system, you’ll probably be happier with a NUC running ROCK.

(Tony) #4

There are a number of tools that allow you to mount Cloud storage as a local drive. Once you have done that roon will treat them as at treats any watched folder. I am experimenting with ExpandDrive but will probably try CloudMounter as advised in this report.

I am windows based so I don’t know if any of these utilities work with iCloud. Caution though. I read reports that these services can be a bit flakey.