Icon art for MOON by Simaudio DACs

One thing that I’ve noticed, but haven’t bothered to post is that Roon is always showing the generic speaker icon with all of the MOON DACs. Simaudio is listed as a Roon Tested partner and I assumed that with that their products would show a custom icon. Is that not correct?

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I thought that was normal?
My iFi DAC’s and Schiit DACS also have the generic icon, Would be cool to have :sunglasses:

I think there’s a slight inconsistency with the artwork. I’m using dietpi with an iqaudio board and get their custom artwork shows up (not my choice) despite not being a roonready setup. My Hifiberry dac shows just as a generic speaker.

Personally I don’t think the custom artwork always makes logical sense - one of the main fringe benefits of ditching my microrendu last week is that I can have the generic speaker icon back for the lounge! So the missing Moon artwork may be preferred by some :slight_smile: