I'd like to be able to define my own home page

I mean, there is nothing wrong with Overview. Except that it does not present me with links to my most commonly used areas of Roon, other than the standard navigation menu.

Think of how web browsers have evolved…they tend to present the web pages you’ve most often visited, and then they have a favorites bar and other one-click ways to get where you want to go quickly.

I’d love to be able to lay out my own home page with bookmarks, links to favorite genres, other areas and features that I frequent, etc.


Good suggestion.

With a home button instead of the click hamburger menu / overview it could also reduce access to underlying pages one or two clicks.

An interim improvement would be to have some sort of bookmarks bar on the Overview page. Not nearly as good as a user-definable home page but at least a few clicks less to get to where you want.

Plus one here. One way of doing this would be to introduce a set of widgets which the end user can then use to build their own page.
The discover page is also one I use a lot, but there are aspects of it I’d like to remove altogether, or influence.

Yes, true, I have some, but if I put all genres, moods and other (100’s) bookmarks to several pages in there I think it’s faster to click three times.

Edit: the abilty to create submenus in bookmarks, like on a website could solve long lists too.

+1 Great idea!

+1 This is a great idea.

If not designed comprehensively enough, it could also add a lot of support issues in people not knowing how to arrange/configure their own dashboards, so I can see where from a UX standpoint the roon team will be slow to actualize it.

But I think for roon to really realize their overarching goal of promoting musical enjoyment, connection, and awareness, this move to configure the primary view/interface for the user is #1.

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I’d forgotten that I posted this idea. I’d like this more than ever – as my usage patterns have gelled, I have been noticing the extra clicks necessary to get to where I tend to hang out within Roon. I’d love to reduce that navigation time. But ideally, the Roon home page would also become a music magazine I would love to read. Whether it is the home page or Discover, there is so much sadly wasted potential in its current rigidity.


Curated content based on the insight Roon has into your library and listening habits would be off the hook. It might be hard to dial in all ways to interpret the data, but if it worked half decently it would be pretty sweet.

Nice idea.

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+1! Would love it. Different focus / filter selections …

Kind of like a speed dial, I like that idea. With my favourites just one click away.

+1 here as well.

The Overview and Discover pages are very basic and bare bones, it would be nice to improve upon them, especially if they could include more curated content specific to our libraries. Spotify has some really cool curated playlists that I use all the time such as Discover Weekly, Release Radar, and Daily Mixes. I transfer them to TIDAL playlists and play them via Roon but it would be great if something like that was incorporated into the player itself.

Great idea - but also for other pages (like getting rid of the really thick grey heading bar for albums/artists etc.)

just to make this on top of the feature requests again … this would be really great. I work with tags & bookmarks, but it could be so much more comfortable. Please allow to have a customizable home page!

+1 great suggestion.

I broadly agree.

My preference would be for a simple “Home Page” radio button on every screen that takes me back to my preferred page. In my case that would be Albums/Artist. No “Back key” navigation through where I’ve been, or scrolling down the root menu to get to Albums.

A limited number of options for the “Home Page” to be user defined would be great.

Thanks for your time.

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