I'd like to use ROCK... Do I really need a monitor + keyboard?

I am considering the purchase of a NUC7i7BNH. Installation of the RAM and SSD are not a problem. I also plan to install the 2.5 inch SSD to store my music files.

My concern is do I really need to purchase an additional monitor, keyboard, and mouse to add BIOS and ROCK software to the NUC device?

I have a MacBook Pro (Late 2011) and an IMAC. I want to load my music files to the NUC to use as my ROON Core, and not use the MacBookPro as I am doing currently.

@BERVIN_ELLIOTT Can you borrow a keyboard and mouse? If not I found a usb keyboard and mouse on Amazon for just under £10, so probably worth buying anyway. As for a monitor I plugged mine into my tv via hdmi just to get it set up. I have the same NUC7I7BNH as you.

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That is a great idea. Never crossed my mine. I will surely try it.
Thanks so much.

This is the exact issue I have been pondering for the last several days. We haven’t had a keyboard or a mouse in the house for over 10 years. I disdain clutter or items I will never use again.

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Oh the woes of “never again”!

As @Ratbert pointed out, you can use any modern television with an HDMI input (if you have one) for the monitor, but you will still need a keyboard.

Don’t worry Danny. I am sure there is more than two of us (im)patiently awaiting the birth of your Nucleus products so we can avoid going out and purchasing a keyboard. In the mean time Roon Core runs perfectly wirelessly from my MacBook Pro.

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