"Identify Album" - metadata matching process in UI

We have the option to re-arrange tracks in the tool, by clicking the up and down arrows.

But this requires one click per jump…and can be quite time consuming if the metadata is out of whack.

If the UI allowed for the tracks to be dragged . . . would be so much faster! Have I missed this feature? Or are we really stuck with clicking the arrows a bunch of times?



Or, as an alternative, it would even an option to be able to put the correct track number in front of every track and rearrange by that…

Yes that would be good too.

Plus . . the window in which this is done seems not able to be resized. Three clicks . . . slide slider up or down . . . three more clicks . . . slide slider . . .

Definitely room for some good UI person at Roon to improve it :smiley_cat:

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I see that there is a big (200 + posts) thread that was started in May 2019 about this.

Well for this lifetime subscriber, it’s still a request!


Only today I had to rearrange every single track of a 2-CD album which Tidal had totally messed up. The current interface for doing this is deplorable…


With my local library, I’m more likely to just go fix the metadata, than use Roon to ‘fix’ it, because of this.

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