iDSD Black Label Micro - Share your HQPlayer Settings!

If you’re an owner of an iFi iDSD Black Label Micro, would you please share your settings used in HQPlayer? I just got this software and am exploring it. :slight_smile:

You can run it at DSD512 using poly-sinc-ext2 and ASDM7 modulator. Set filter switch to “Standard”.

Note that you may need to downgrade the firmware to version 5.2 in order to get DSD512 support.

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Thank you for your reply! :slight_smile: I’ll try it. Thank you

Hey Jussi, may I confirm that these are the settings that I use with HQPlayer? :slight_smile:


That is fine for the ASIO driver. Although I would uncheck “Direct SDM” to get also DSD sources upsampled to DSD512. With Linux it would also open up possibility to use 48k-base DSD rates, but the ASIO driver on Windows doesn’t allow it.

In case you ever want to send PCM there, you can set “DAC bits” to 24. But I don’t recommend sending PCM to this DAC, it performs so much better with DSD512 input.

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Got it. Hey I just want to say great job with creating this application! I think lots of us love using what you created. :slight_smile: I hope you will always be innovating and coming out with more solutions for audiophiles. Thank you!

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Hi, may I connect to this thread. I‘m on Windows 11 but for whatever reason I cannot get the iDSD Micro BL to upsample to DSD512 in HQPlayer. It ends with DSD256. The iDSD Micro has firmware 5.2 so DSD512 should be possible. Latest ifi USB / ASIO driver is installed too (5.12). The weird thing is that I can upsample to DSD512 in Roon but as said not in HQPlayer. What can I do to make it work in HQPlayer? Thx

You have HQPlayer “SDM Pack” set to “none”? If you have it set to “DoP”, that would explain why you are limited to DSD256.

On the Input Tab it‘s set to „none“. On the Output Tab I have to set it to „DoP“ because otherwises it doesn‘t work at all, e.g. only PCM output then. Any other hint? Thx

There can’t be another hint because you cannot get DSD512 with DoP enabled. That needs to be set to none for sure.

Also it is much easier if you can share all your HQP settings here (screenshots).

Then we can see what you see. Otherwise nearly impossible to guess what else it could be

OK, then the most common reason is that it is enabled under Roon Settings → Audio. When using HQPlayer for output, other such outputs must be disabled there, otherwise Roon will try to access the device simultaneously and with Thesycon sourced drivers the result is that native DSD mode stops working. With other drivers it usually means that the device is not accessible to for HQPlayer at all (correct result, since ASIO is exclusive access driver).

SDM Pack should be set to “none” in this case.

Please see the last bullet point here:

Hi Jussi, Thanks a lot for your support. That was the hint that solved the issue. Works perfect now with my iDSD Micro BL and DSD512 in HQPlayer.

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