iDSD Black Label Micro - Share your HQPlayer Settings!

If you’re an owner of an iFi iDSD Black Label Micro, would you please share your settings used in HQPlayer? I just got this software and am exploring it. :slight_smile:

You can run it at DSD512 using poly-sinc-ext2 and ASDM7 modulator. Set filter switch to “Standard”.

Note that you may need to downgrade the firmware to version 5.2 in order to get DSD512 support.

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Thank you for your reply! :slight_smile: I’ll try it. Thank you

Hey Jussi, may I confirm that these are the settings that I use with HQPlayer? :slight_smile:


That is fine for the ASIO driver. Although I would uncheck “Direct SDM” to get also DSD sources upsampled to DSD512. With Linux it would also open up possibility to use 48k-base DSD rates, but the ASIO driver on Windows doesn’t allow it.

In case you ever want to send PCM there, you can set “DAC bits” to 24. But I don’t recommend sending PCM to this DAC, it performs so much better with DSD512 input.

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Got it. Hey I just want to say great job with creating this application! I think lots of us love using what you created. :slight_smile: I hope you will always be innovating and coming out with more solutions for audiophiles. Thank you!

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