iDSD Black Label not correctly playing MQA tracks

My iDSD BL will play MQA straight from Tidal and the indicator LED is magenta as it should be,

The same files played from Roon do not cause the magenta change - the light stays white.

Is there a setting somewhere I have wrong, perhaps?

Hi Marcus. Been some time since I had tidal and an IFI device, however I believe that some time ago in ‘22 the default in the Device Setup was changed from MQA being on to MQA being off.

Perhaps just have a check of the device settings in Roon to check that the MQA process is being correctly applied/turned on.

Propably any DSP active or Roon volume control?
Maybe you can show your signal path?

You have a MQA renderer DAC.

You must enable MQA Core decoder in Roon. (You may also disable volume leveling and DSP Engine.)

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More specifically: In Roon, Device Settings>MQA Capabilities should be set to Renderer only.
In the Advanced tab Enable MQA Core Decoder should be set to Yes.


Thanks! Problem solved. :grinning:

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