If I add a Tidal album to my library and later quit Tidal, what happens?

If I add a Tidal album to my library and later quit Tidal, what happens? Will that album still be there and just not play or will it disappear?

All Tidal albums will just disappear.

Cheers, Greg

Great, thanks. That makes sense.

It’s a good question. I believe that TIDAL maintains your favourites list for a while (I don’t know exactly for how long). When you stop a TIDAL subscription, we can no longer sync with your previously active TIDAL account. @brian What happens here?

I wonder what happens if you then re-start your Tidal subscription later on?

Wouldn’t it be great if Roon could give us options on how to replace it? (say link out to HDTracks or to an alternate streaming service?.. I know they don’t have any alternates yet, but… in the future).

That would make Roon the killer music app in my opinion.

Easily found with a 10 second forum search. Probably more out there if one was inclined to look.

And that thread you quoted doesn’t answer the question.

How doesn’t this answer your question? Did you read the link?

Because that’s not what I asked.

It has also already been verified right here in this thread by Roon themselves what happens in reference to what I asked.


I recently changed Tidal accounts (I had a USA account predating Australian Tidal and changed it to an Australian account to avoid the forex costs). When I cancelled the USA account and logged out of it then all Tidal albums in Roon disappeared. After arranging with Tidal to transfer my favourites and playlists to the new account they re-appeared in Roon, but the albums all had the same import date (to be expected).

All Tidal Albums DO NOT disapear