If I deauthorise a core can I come back to it if I want to?

I currently run my Roon core on a 2014 3GHz, 16 gig i7 Mac Mini which runs perfectly except it is right on the edge of not having enough power to play DSD64 files with convolution. When I hit play it starts out at 0.5X and over a second or two it gets up to 1.4X where the music plays fine. If I let the music continue Roon plays through the album with no problems but if I skip a song I go through the 1-2 second spin up process again. I’d like to try moving my core to my 2013 Mac Pro to see if it has enough grunt to play my DSD files without the delay but Roon wants me to deauthorise my Mac Mini first. If I do that but decide that I want to use the Mac Mini again can I do that with a minimum of hassle? Is it any more complex than reauthorising the Mac Mini if I decide not to use the Mac Pro? Thanks.

Yes, you can transfer a license between computers any number of times. See here.

Thanks Geoff, I think I wasn’t specific enough in my question. I’m concerned about messing up the core on my Mac Mini just to run an experiment with my Mac Pro. I read what I can find in the KB but I don’t get any sense that reauthorising the Mini and restoring from a backup will bring me all the way back to where it was before I switched cores. Maybe I should just put on my big boy pants and give it a try.

Make sure you point Roon core at the correct location for your watched music folders as you move from one core device to another. The last time I did this, I got a message at the top right corner of my screen (forgot what it was) that would not go away until I did a restore of a recent back-up.

Thanks, I’ll keep an eye on it.