If You Are Looking for More Hard Hitting, Candid Classical Reviews

It does not get much “better” than this:


Where is this from?

Incredible. One must have a seriously failed and miserable life, to be able to produce such a horrendous review. I think the reviewer is in bad need of therapy.


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Well, reviewing is a career in itself and reviews like this are one way of getting noticed. I’ve queued this for a listen, which is probably not what the reviewer had in mind…

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I’m used to this sort of review to be fair. Reads like most my report cards from school in the 1970s. Some proper angry teachers in those days.

Like @killdozer I’ll que it up.

Honestly I will likely enjoy it and have no idea what the reviewer was disappointed with.

But in fairness I’m just an average ned so will be joyfully oblivious to their anguish.

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I’ve erased painful memories of these, parent’s evenings were the worst. Aged 10 my junior school teacher opened with “Where do you think he’ll be hiding then?”. Even my sister’s parents’ evenings were high risk, she was a model pupil and any teachers we shared tended to take the opportunity to comment on me…

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I managed to get through the whole album, uninterrupted, why again was it supposed to be horrible?

I liked it.

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Well, Andy, I don’t know how to break it to you, but it appears that you don’t have much taste.

Sorry, but the pundits have spoken. :slight_smile:


@John_V I put it down to my 100% unobtainium cables, emmetbrown power cleaner and audiocorector network switch, together they made the entire experience quite brilliant.

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