If you use Ubiquiti network gear, please read

Many of us here use Ubiquiti/UniFi network gear. They were breached late in 2020, and its just now turned out the breach was much worse than originally reported.

If you use Ubiquiti gear, please do watch the following video:

Thanks for reading.


I have been following this story fairly closely and I am thankful that I don’t allow my Ubiquity gear be connected to from the outside world.

If what the whistleblower inside the company has said is true, it shows a shocking and crass attitude towards their customers data and security.

I really like their gear, but how they have gone about this disclosure is shocking and if I was not so heavily invested from a business point of view I would consider moving elsewhere.


Yes, what concerns me is that their newer gear, such as the Dream Machine, requires you to have a cloud account.

Given the alternatives for managed SOHO — Meraki, for example — Ubiquiti is still preferable, but they need to clean up their security act.

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Yes its not great. I have a full Unifi setup. It does sound though from watching that video that it’s a disgruntled ex ubiquiti staff that caused the breach, but there handling is less than stellar. Seems to be the jig corporate way to not admit liability for anything A bit like Roon not really admitting they released a turkey with 1.8 when it’s so obviously broken.

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There is a simple rule: Use MFA wherever possible (in this case you can and absolutely should do)


Simon you are not wrong about 1.8, but it’s got better, if nowhere where it needs to be yet.

The bit that really annoyed me on further reading on the Ubiquity data loss, was that they blamed a 3rd party cloud provider, when it was their Amazon cloud fully under their control. Very bad.

And yes MFA is great, besides when they had access to the database and could potentially know the MFA code


I really like Ubiquiti’s stuff - it’s an entire ecosystem of easily managed products. Their handling of the data breach is extremely disappointing…


Agree with that statement Graeme and not a lot more to add

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Here is an update from Krebs on the latest statement made by Ubiquity

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I was not thrilled with the UDMP when it came out, and the software issues it’s had didn’t thrill me. So I replaced my USG with a protectli box running untangle. This is a great combo. Untangle is a great firewall/security gateway and very powerful and easy to administer. I am still using the unifi switches and wireless access points.

Unifi makes great wifi access points and switches, but their routers these days seem to be their weak points. So I split my home system and it’s been great for the better part of a year now. Both my wife and I work from home and tax our network pretty regularly.


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The older USG 3-port and 4-port Pro routers are still available and I think better. I use a 3-port but might upgrade to a 4-port Pro while I still can.

Edit: I meant, better than the UDM. I don’t have any experience with the protectli, but I’ll look into them.

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Protectli is just a little NUC like computer with intel NICs in it. You install whatever gateway software you want. PFSense, OPNSense, untangle, etc. I got a fairly powerful one with 4 gigabit NICs. You can have various branches of your network physically separated that way, not just logically separated.

PFsense is popular but there was a bit of a dust-up between PFSense and OPNsense, that I didn’t fully follow except that the PFSense guys seemed to not come off very well. Both of those products are free and don’t have the polish of untangle which is a yearly thing like roon. I liked what I saw on the trial and bit on the untangle product for the year. I will most likely just renew because it’s been bulletproof for the last 8 months or so.


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It’s a pity because I really like their APs and switches. Great UI and API design.
However, I never allowed my Ubiquity gear to have Internet access except for upgrades during my pre-defined window. I tend to believe their core competency is in APs and switches, and that’s it. Internet access is too critical to trust a vendor, so I prefer open source whenever possible, OPNSense in my case.

Another Protectli and Untangle customer here. Along with a Unifi switch and WAP. No remote access. Been working very well for about a year now.

I became a Ubiquiti customer weeks after all this went down so I probably wasn’t exposed. But it is unfortunate on how this was apparently handled. My UDM-Pro works well but I’m watching its security like a hawk.

Since I opened this thread with my post about Ubiquiti, it’s only fair to them that I post this now…

In short, the entire security breach was an extortion attempt and the so-called whistleblower is now facing four federal felony charges.


Mods - could I suggest you modify the title of this thread given that it turned out to be completely untrue (see the reply above this one). Many people won’t read down that far and be left with the impression Ubiquiti are a bunch of sh**ts. As opposed to innocent victims of an extortion attempt.

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You’re right.

I’ve edited my opening post to make sure everyone knows the resolution.

…aaaand it turns out I can’t edit my own post. So yes, mods, please edit the title or the opening post to make the final situation clear. Thanks.

You were right to raise it though Kuryan :slight_smile: