iFi Go Bar Headphone Amp/DAC

Has anyone here listened to this yet? Looks interesting.

If it’s 1/2 as good as the Mojo 2, it would be great for use with Phone streaming from Apple Music, Qobuz, or Tidal while out and about.


I was wondering when they would come out with a dongle.

It will just be a refactored Nano.

I’ve not heard it, but darko has a few words on it.

Hi, I’ve got one of these.

We had a big chat in HQPlayer Desktop thread…

In short, after firmware update device works with my old iPad and iPhone 12, no problem. It is very light and has low power consuption. I’m now travelling and listen to Qobuz app, but they dont have (its unbeleavable) an equalizer, so listening experience is really mute because of this.

But at home I have tried with Roon, Roon+HQPlayer, HQplayer alone on Windows and Linux systems. iFi “bit perfect” filter upsampled to 352k/384k is OK. But impressive is really only “all” upsampled to DSD mode with its Cirrus Logic chip.

The only problem I have (and you will not have it if you are “Roon only” since Roon upsamples to DSDx44,1 rates only) I can not get DSDx48 rates to work. This is one of the declared functionalities (actually the reason as to why I have bought it) and iFi is thinking about my question (6 days already… very heavy thinkers they are)

Their xBass and xSpace features really dependant on the source and Go Bar filter. In “bit perfect” mode effect is very subtle. The strongest effect I found with “Gibbs Transient Optimised” filter. But also to be frank I did not like the sound of this filter, may be you like it at once but after some time it becomes fatiguing…

As for your original suggestion about Qobuz, Tidal and Apple Music. Its surely convenient, actually really convenient. But as I mentioned Equaliser is a game changer. Without equaliser they all sound more or less like Apple dongle… I think.

End of this week I will also be able to compare this with Fiio Q3, that is based on AKM chip with up to DSD@512 but device is 3 times cheaper.

PS: I don’t think Darko is a trustful source for industry reviews and reccomendations, but this is just my personal opinion.

Thanks for that. I think I will stick with my Dragonfly Cobalt and Mojo 2.


I think Mojo 2 is currently top of the pyramid, I’d like one myself. Keep hoping for something cheaper though, lol.

Ah, on top you already have Mojo 2! You may indeed save some $$$. In my case I just did not have any dongle type devices at first place, so I’ve bought this one thinking about long summer trip. There I will take my laptop and all HDD library to listen via HQPlayer, there’s very limited internet where we plan to go.

iFi Gobar - New firmware 2.20

Yes I bought mine in September to replace my Audioquest Cobalt which was ok but not great. Compared to the Cobalt it is in on another planet better in everyway, detail, bass, organic etc. I have mine connected to the new iPhone 14 Pro via Sennheiser IE800’s whichnImuse with custom Snug ear mouldings which are brilliant for isolation.
Problem I’m having recently is occasionally if I’m listening fairly loud in the gym it turns off for no reason which is unbelievably annoying.
I’m guessing it’s a power issue so I’ve ordered another as it worked flawlessly for 2 weeks.
The only minor issue apart from that is the writing for the modes & sound settings are stupidly small considering the available space available which is mentioned in other reviews.
In terms of pure sound quality I’ve listened to a Astell & Kern Ak70 prior and this is far superior, the reason I haven’t gone down the DAP route is I only want 1 device .

Great little device. I managed to purchase the limited edition (golden) one and use it with my Focal Celestee and iPhone + MacBook.