iFi micro iDAC2 connected directly to ROCK NUC8i5 - Noises

I have connected an iFi micro iDAC2 directly to my ROCK NUC8i5 via USB cable.

The issue I’m having is that on first initiation of playback, there is a short but loud burst of noise. Then there there are pops/clicks when signal path colour indicator goes out (paused) and when comes back on (play).

I have tried all Firmware versions available on the iFi website to no avail.

I’m aware that directly connecting to the ROCK machine in this way is not an ideal setup but with all the Roon social media adverts of an AQ Dragonfly connected directly to a Nucleus I presumed this setup is possible.

Anyone have any possible solutions to my issue?


@Leigh_Evans, I moved your post from general Audio Gear Talk to the iFi group so that other users may be able to comment if they are experiiencing similar issues or have ideas on what you are hearing.

@Robert_F Brilliant, thank you

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I have an iFi Pro iDSD and I get a quick burst of noise on only the first play and then only if the DAC has been previously turned off.

Do you turn the DAC off in between uses? I don’t, there’s no need to.

Never experienced this.

Yes the DAC gets turned off when I turn the NUC off, as I only really use it at the weekend.

The pops/clicks are more annoying than the burst of noise tbh.