iFi Pro iDSD DAC icon and Setup

Roon has almost every iFi DAC in their database, but not top of the line.

Please add.

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Also the iFi Micro iDAC2 is missing…

Likely never been Roon tested or they failed. Takes Ifi to send it to them to get that. My Nano BL was never Roon tested.

Probably not tested. I’ve been using the Pro for years.

The way it is setup now, Roon forces one to choose another model. That works, but of course the link is to the wrong product manual.

I had a look and my old Nano is now on the list it wasn’t when I sold it late last year. So I guess there is hope.

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I’m going to move this one from Feature Requests over to the Audio Products category. If you want to see a device icon in Roon it needs to be Roon Ready or Roon Tested, so your best bet is to reach out to iFi and request that your device is submitted for certification.

I really don’t care whether it has an icon or not. My major complaint is that the way Roon has set things up, one must chose an iFi device, instead of just letting one manually setup the device.