iFi xDSD Gryphon - "Roon Tested" but not recognized?

I have asked this question before, but no luck so I bring it up again! I have iFi’s xDSD Gryphon. The said DAC appears on the Roon store and identified as “Roon tested”. However, when I connect it to my PC and try to “enable” it, the list of iFi’s products does not include it!!!
Setting it up manually, it does not allow me to take advantage of all its features. Can someone help?

@Sot_13 - Maybe there is a new driver or firmware:


Thanks @Torben_Rick - but my unit is already fully updated. The big question is why the specific DAC/amp is listed as “Roon Tested” in the Roon Store site, but in the partners section under iFi, is not mentioned!

As mentioned before:
The Gryphon is NOT Roon tested: iFi Audio - Roon Labs (this is the master side).

And why do you need the certificate? For the logo or it’s to hard finding the correct settings in Roon?

There are a lot of iFi products not ‘Roon Tested’, including the one that I have (iFi iDSD Pro) and is the pic at the top of Roon’s page of ‘Roon Tested’ iFi products. Oh, the irony!

In order for Roon to test and sanction a product, the manufacturer must submit a unit to be tested and iFi has not seen to do that for some of its devices.

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It does say Roon tested on Roons store page, so either this is incorrect advertising or the Roon ready programme are behind marketing. @mike @john can you check.

Thank you @CrystalGipsy . I just don’t understand you @Burkhardt_Petermann - you keep on insisting on something which is not the case! There is CLEARLY an inconsistency between the iFi Audio - Roon Labs, and the Roon Store advertising the product. I bought a product believing it is Roon tested! is it???

Sometimes manufactures might say Roon tested when it is really not. It’s also possible it is and Roon has not updated their Roon Partners page. You already asked this question in another thread. Please don’t post multiple threads on the same topic. Thanks.

Thank you @Jim_F. I started my original post saying that I have asked this question before. Obviously I received no reply hence I believe I am entitled to ask again. Please also note that this issue has nothing to do with the manufacturer as you say. The contradicting communication appears on Roon maintained pages.
This issue is particularly disturbing (maybe I am a super sensitive consumer), when this product was part of the very recent promotion emailed by Roon.
If it is a mistake ie. the product finally it is not Roon tested, they should remove the sticker from Roon Store for this product. If on the other hand it is, then I will happily wait for them to update their database. That simple

checking on this… something is clearly wrong.

Thank you @danny

I’ve used the product personally, and it’s pretty spectacular.

I clearly see a left-hand-right-hand-not-working-together issue here. Let me get to the root of the problem and get it resolved. Meanwhile, please try to enjoy the Gryphon even with this marketing stain.


I have a Gryphon.
What features aren’t working for you?

It is not so much that features are not working. Most do. Having said that, i have several DSDs at 512 which I cannot play back with my choices. It would be very helpful if you let me know your set up on the Audio tab of the settings for Gryphon. Thank you for reaching out.

DSD rates are very dependant on the OS used for the source attached to the DAC. What are you using?

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Windows 11

Do you have the ASIO drivers installed?

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Yes… Both Asio and wasapi

and you set the ASIO driver as Roons output in Settings/Audio it will show up as a separate zone to the WASAPI windows one. If so very odd as it should see it capable of that Roon Tested or not.


I get what you say… Probably my best choice is to unistall and reinstall the drivers… Thank you for you help