iFi Zen Dac V2 stopped working in Roon, still works in Tidal


I’ve been happily enjoying iFi Zen DAC V2 with Roon for months on my desktop Windows PC, then all of a sudden Roon stops detecting it. The Tidal app on the same PC detects it fine. Windows itself has no trouble playing sound through it as the default device.

Interestingly, on my PC laptop the DAC is detected just fine by Roon (and Tidal) and everything works as it should.

Both PCs are running the same version of Windows 10, all Windows updates complete, roon is up to date on both, both PCs are end points, the roon server is running on a separate Linux NUC, also fully up to date.

Has anyone else experienced this issue with Roon not detecting a DAC whilst the rest of Windows does?

Might it have got switched to be a “private zone”? They will be seen by the PC where the device is connected physically, but not by other PCs running Roon.

Afraid not. I double checked, and on both PCs, private mode is set to off. Thank you for the response and suggestion though.

turn off windows fire wall to troubleshoot

Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately this made no difference.

Essentially, to sum up the issue: DAC is successfully detected in Roon on any PC I try except the one I want to use it on, and it worked fine on it for several months.

There’s no issue with the DAC or drivers, because Windows and Tidal work fine with the DAC on this PC. It’s just Roon on this PC that refuses to acknowledge it.

I have reinstalled iFi USB drivers and Roon on it, still the issue persists.

I have exactly the same problem, my iFi Zen DAC is detected on my stereo system but not on my PC Desktop where I want to use it and the iFi Zen DAC works for all other sound on the PC including Qobuz!!!