iFi ZEN STREAM + DAC V2 settings

I am using a Dell Precision Laptop (Intel i7) as a Roon Core and iFi ZEN STREAM connected to iFi ZEN DAC V2 to stream music via TIDAL.
I need your help to choose the ideal settings of Roon so to get the best sound quality of my system.
Photos with current settings attached.
Thanks in advance.

Looks like you are already pretty much there based on your supplied screenshots.

The next question is around whether you want to upscale your music or not, if using USB out in particular, then this is easily done (you might want to change the maximum PCM to 192 but test it first).

To test this enable headroom at it’s default of -3db as a starter.
Then enable Sample Rate conversation and try Max PCM rate X2and see how you like that.

Then try DSDans play with the settings there as it will take significant additional processing and that will lead to a load of additional questions I imagine.

We have a dedicated thread with a bunch of people that talk about the Stream, you might want to have a search for it

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Thanks for your response

By default, roon sets zen streamer with no MQA capabilities.
I suppose you can change this setting to decoder and renderer, if the DAC connected to zen, has these capabilities, Correct?

Looking at using this streamer as an endpoint for a vintage preamp and amplifier (both do not have remote controls for volume). Do you know if you can change “fixed volume” to “device volume” (in device settings) to allow volume changing from the ifi Stream from the roon app on a phone. I have bought and am in the trial period for a Cambridge MXN10 that must be set to PCM out to allow volume control by Roon. Unfortunately, this setup does not allow native play from the MXN10 (output is always “fixed” (full). So all volume adjustments must be made at the pre amp or amp (no remote control control capability).

You need a pre amp/DAC to do volume control
I just turned my device on to have a look and the option is not available in Roon

Thanks for checking. I do have a Topping D10 USB DAC that I used to run off my Mac mini with the Roon core but have had issues with the latest OS (Ventura). Looks like I could use that off the Zen Stream. Appreciate your comment.

Now that might work perfectly if it has pre amp functionality. So that would take USB out from the Stream and give you RCA line out to your amplifier I guess.

Good luck with this and hopefully it works well for you.