Ignore indefinite article in album titles when sorting

I like the way that Roon ignores ‘the’ when sorting by album title, but would it possible for it to ignore ‘a’ and ‘an’ as well, at least as an option? For example it would be nice to see ‘A Venetian Coronation’ next to ‘Venetian Vespers’.


Did you ever learn of a way to do this? I poked around for a while in Roon’s settings and could find no way of accomplishing this.

I see that Roon ignore the definite article “the” when alphabetically sorting album titles. Is there a setting that will ignore the indefinite articles “a” or “an”?

It makes no sense that an album titled ‘A Venetian Coronation’ does not appear next to another titled ‘Venetian Vespers’.

If this doesn’t currently exist, how can we make the request for it to be added as a feature?


Hi, I’ve merged your request with the existing one, so people’s votes can be consolidated here.