Ignore Topics Or remove

Is there anyway to ignore certain topics or remove them

You can Mute threads using the Tracking options under the general Reply line of buttons.

Okay thanks.I don’t come on the forum to often any more with all the negativity and repetitive topics.

I don’t see an option to do this. Can you share a screenshot please?

Click “Tracking”:

From the drop-down, select “Normal”, or “Muted”:


Thanks, very clear instructions.
I now see the Tracking button, having commented in this thread. Button in threads that I’ve not commented in is titled Normal.

You can also ignore selected users. Click on your user icon in the upper right corner. It will open a box that has your username on the upper left. Go down to Preferences, then scroll down on the left to Notifications>Users. You can type in a particular user’s name (starting with @) and select how you want to hear them (or not).
I’m not an advocate for suppressing controversial voices I don’t want to hear (that’s just me). But if a certain user posts vacuous statements incessantly it’s nice to make things simple again.