Ignoring files and not only paths

It would be cool to have the possibility not only to exclude/ignore paths but also files according pattern.
E.g. I have in my file structure for every album a file called Folder.jpg which I do not want to use in Roon.
Ignoring it would be great.

file pattern? I would rather file types. So I could enter .jpg;.gif;.png; for example.

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The .gitignore and others syntax gives pretty complete control :wink:

And how would that work?
I do want Roon to ignore all my files named “Folder.jpg”.
Thank you.

I have a Folder.jpg for all my albums.

Why do you care if Roon ignores it or not? I can’t see how it impacts anything.

I have always to JPGs in my folder. The original from the scan and one with reduced site called Folder.jpg for other music services.
So Roon shows me always two pictures (one big and one small).
It’s just not nice.

I guess you’ve probably tried one of these settings to no avail?

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I tried tihs. Does not help.
I really hope this will be implemented. I guess not a big thing to do.