IKEA Symfonisk Sound remote

I’ve been using a IKEA Symfonisk Sound remote to control my volume and pause/play/skip functions with Roon.

While — at least for a beginner / non technical user — it’s more complex to set up than RooDial. For those already familiar with Home Assistant (or NodeRed) — or with a technical slant — it might make for a nice weekend project and at £15 for the remote a cheap way to add a dial to your Roon setup.

I have used one with both a ConBee II USB ZigBee dongle and a CC2531 USB dongle flashed with ziggbee2mqtt and both work fine with it.

The key components are an IKEA Symfonisk Sound remote (obviously), a copy of Home Assistant and a ZigBee USB dongle.

To enable Home Assistant to see the Symfonisk (ZigBee) remote and it’s events you need to use a USB ZigBee dongle, you basically have two hardware options here.


The Conbee/DeConz route is simpler to setup, the zigbee2mqtt is cheaper and more flexible, but more complex to setup.

You also need to install the following within Home Assistant:

Once you have your Roon endpoints and the Symfonisk remote appearing as entities in HA you the need to add a ControllerX entry to /appdaemon/apps/apps.yamllike the following — to connect the two.

module: controllerx
class: E1744MediaPlayerController
controller: symfonisk_controller *(this is the HA entity that represent your Ikea remote)*
integration: deconz
media_player: media_player.livingroompi *(this is the HA entity that represent a Roon output zone)*
volume_steps: 50
delay: 50