Ill lose connection every 23-24

hello I have a Nucleus and a lifetime Roon subscription but just can’t keep a connection on my iOS devices iPhone iPad, iMac and MacBook. It just drops the connection and say looking for roon server/ connect to new server. This seems to happen every 23-24 minutes, I’m using a TP-Link AX6000 router and changed DHCP to 240 minutes instead of 120 based on a suggestion. This has been going on for months I’ve tried connecting to a switch and directly to router. Would love some help if possible. Vince

Are you using your iOS devices for other things than Roon. It has been commented on previously that as you use the iPad for say mail or internet browsing , the iOS starts “sleeping” apps in the back ground, I does pay to close any unwanted apps actively rather than leave them asleep in the background. Keeping the bare minimum open.

I can’t remember the detail but its an Apple thing, just restart the app .

I have a 12.9 iPad Pro which is primarily Roon , but while listening I tend to wander , read the forum , browse, check mail etc nothing heavy , I see it very occasionally.

When I do see it is when the iOS app is open and I have restarted the Core (I restart twice three times a day due to power outages at the moment) . Then I simply kill the app, restart and all is well again.

It is a PITA but livable

All Apple household here and this kind of problem is unknown. I maybe would focus on the network rather than on the iOS side of things.

Can you provide more details on your setup, Vince?

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Im running directly into my router tp-link ax6000 Like you said don’t think its an apple problem but for some reason something is causing the necluus to lose connection every 20 min or so.

Thanks for the reply I have restarted there app many times trying to find an answer. I did it yesterday when I was using the iMac so it must be a router setting.

is there something in your environment that can interfere with the Wi Fi signal ? If the signal blips the app will obviously lose connection . It should Auto Recover but sometimes I find not .

Wi Fi interference is real, anything electronic using a wireless signal, baby alarms, microwaves , telephone base station , Google it you may scare yourself

Hey Mike do you know if UPnP should be on for Roon access? Im assuming yes

No , absolutely NO

Roon do not believe UPnP is a viable transport . so much so they wrote their own protocol from ground up RAAT

If you want to spark a reaction mention UPnP/DLNA or Browsing by Folder these 2 are absolutely NEVER going to happen in Roon. Maybe for a laugh check out the forum there’s some pretty heated debates on these 2 subjects :smiling_imp:

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That specific and repeatable time period suggests some sort of power-saving feature? Have you looked in the router and switched off any such features? Any such router that disables physical ports like this is just plain dumb…
Also, most routers should have accessible logging that you can read. Next time it happens look for the timestamped issue in the router logs.

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That’s of course the answer for the part of UPnP that is DLNA, i.e., the music server. There is also the other part of UPnP that does the port opening for ARC on the router. My guess would be that @Vince_Chacon meant the latter? In which case the answer is that it depends on how he wants to manage ARC, but neither is necessary and has no effect on the problem at hand.

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Hi Mike im hardwired into router so wifi.

Hi Tony didn’t see anything with timing and checked the log nothing with that time stamp. Darn