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Hi Andrew - I’m considering a DCS DAC, to use with my new Roon Nucleus+. Is is possible and/or advisable to directly connect the Nucelus via USB to something like the Vivaldi DAC, or would I be better off choosing something like the Rossini and connecting via ethernet through the network?

HI @Mike_Walsh,

For best possible performance with Roon you’ll want to use some sort of networked endpoint rather than connecting the DAC directly to the core. That doesn’t mean that connecting the DAC directly to the core is bad, it just means that performance will improve if you separate the playback functions from the core.

Now, having said that…

In my experience the difference between the Vivaldi and Rossini in terms of absolute performance is far greater than the difference in performance between a networked endpoint and once connected directly to the core. In other words, the Vivaldi DAC connected to the core via USB will definitely outperform the Rossini connected via the network. I’ve done the comparison many times and it’s not a subtle difference.

The Vivaldi DAC will perform best using the Vivaldi Upsampler as the streaming source. Should that be a stretch then the Network Bridge comes in a close second in terms of performance. If neither of these are possible right now they can always be added later with a USB connection used in the mean time.


Mike - as a counterpoint to the “necessity” of using the Vivaldi Upsampler (UPS) …might i proffer an alternate choice.

Within my system (see below) I am yet to find the UPS adds much…even with ChordMusic clock and AES/EBU cables…(four cables that effectively match the UPS in price)

ergo: 30k GBP did not realise a material difference …and left me contemplating other paths…

Suffice i found adding the Master Clock to be distinctly more persuasive…

talk to your dCS dealer about auditioning…in my experience on either side of the pond they are remarkably accomodative of serious enquiries.

Speakers: Avalon Acoustics Indra; Preamp: Spectral Audio DMC-30SS; Amps: Spectral Audio DMA 360v2 Monoblocks; Analog Cables: MIT Oracle; Power Cables: MIT Oracle; Digital: Bespoke Server [AO WinS 16, HDPlex 400 LPS, Pachanko Loom, JCAT FEMTO NET & USB Card / Regen Isolator --> Vivaldi DAC and Clock [ChordMusic Clock Cables; Vertere HB Pulse USB]; Racks: Finite Elemente Pagode Edition HD4 and HD9 Amp Supports. Power: Shunyata Triton & DPC-6 v3

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Congrats Andrew!

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I would like to hear some comments on why Roon rock with teddy pardo lps and quality patch-cord sounds more edgy and harsh than mosaic on my bartok and is there a way to get Roon play more like mosaic because I really like Roon interface and user friendliness but cause mosaic simply sounds better I stopped using Roon.
For rock I’m using 7 generation nuc with lps and everything not needed switched off in bios.

There is a update on Rossini DAC Software v2.01
Where can I read about the change log ? On dCs site is no news to be found,

Hi Andrew, thank you for all your excellent work in answering dCS related questions. Here is mine: I added a Vivaldi DAC last December and have been astonished at how much better it is compared to my already world-class DAC (which shall remain nameless). Having tasted the sweet dCS audio ambrosia I am now thinking of my next upgrade. I am debating between the Vivaldi Master Clock and the Upsampler as my next move. For further background, I am running the Antipodes CX as my Roon Core and the Antipodes EX as the Roon endpoint (renderer). The Vivaldi connects via USB. Which of these two dCS products would give me the biggest bang for my buck? I expect that both will eventually find a home in my system. I have no need for spinning CDs so I won’t ever be looking at a Transport. Thank you!

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You might want to post this on the dCS forum:

Hello, my personal experience. Started by a Vivaldi DAC and bought 2 month after a Vivaldi Upsampler to replace first my Network Bridge. I have been impressed by the upsampler filters and upsampling functions (DSD and DxD) which are better than Roon upsampling according to me. Anyway 3 months after I also ordered the vivaldi clock to make a step forward. This was my path.


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Hi Patatorz, thank you for your insight. I have also posed this question on the dCS Community Forum and the consensus seems to be DAC then Upsampler then Clock. I have made enquiries with my dealer. I have to say that the Vivaldi DAC was a revelation over my previous DAC, which made the TAS cover photo when it was reviewed there. The word that kept coming to mind while listening to the Vivaldi was (and is) “extraordinary”.

I fully understand your statement :grinning:

Hello @AMP, I have a question about dcs network bridge. Is there a way to reset network settings somehow, when there is no access to its UI in browser. Let’s say I entered wrong information in network settings (static IP) and after save lost connection to NB. How can I fix that?


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Hi Andrew
May I know the recommended connection between upsampler and DAC?
USB or Dual AES ?

Dual AES is the only real option for the Upsampler > DAC connection.

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Hi Andrew

I have bought the upsampler and encounter some problem concerning MQA playback using dcs mosaic with tidal
I found my upsampler cannot recognise mqa format meanwhile it’s upsampling to dsdx2 which was my setup for pcm playback in dcs mosaic.
May I know how to fix it as I couldn’t find mqa pass through function in the app.

Secondly, should there be any difference sonically streaming thru dcs mosaic vs Roon?


Hello @AMP, my Network Bridge blinks and Mosaic can’t find it. Anything I can try? i have power-cycled it and tried a different Ethernet cable.

@Highfi You may want to check the dCS community for an answer, or put your question also there, for a quick reply.

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Dear Andrew, can u plz recommend some bnc cables to connect Rossini and word clock? What cables dCS usually use? )