I'm going to wait a while before upgrading

I have a very simple system. I just have a single Windows box with a 32TB NAS connected and about 18K CDs loaded. No remotes, no radio, no Tidal, etc. I like the simple, old style interface as its worked for me just fine.
I’ll wait a while and let the dust settle.


18K albums! Wow. You clearly don’t need streaming :slight_smile:
Did you do all the ripping yourself? Must have taken ages…

Agreed. All I see from this update is featuritis and code bloat. I do use Qobuz, but all I want is a reliable music player that lets me quickly search and play items from my library, or from Qobuz, and sends it bit-perfect to my endpoints. That’s all I ask.

So no, I will not be upgrading. For quite some time, if at all.

All this “discovery” nonsense is useless for me. Roon should offer a Lite version that strips away all the bloat. I don’t need All Music’s flawed reviews, the poor quality metadata coming from Gracenote (which I am correcting every. single. day.), and I have long said the “recommended” sidebar was nothing more than spam.

I was already contemplating trying to find something that works as reliably with my many endpoints in the house, and this new release is just pushing me more out the door. So yeah, leave the existing bugs unfixed, add more features and bloat, make it run even slower…and call it an “upgrade.” I see where Roon is headed…

Yes, I ripped all but about 2200 of them. I started with a Sooloos system and when that crapped out I moved to Foobar on a Windows box, then built my current “server” about a year after Roon came out. It has only Roon and some other basic ripping and internet connectivity programs and a Lynx AES16 card.