I'm new and just got QNAP tvs-471 today

Hi Everyone,
I just received the QNAP TVS-471 today with (2) @TB SSD and I do have my New Laptop with Windows 10 64bit
Please help me for my first step to install RoonLab Software and configure it.

1- Do I need to install Roonlab software to my QNAP to build the Server?
2- Do i need to install Roonlab to my laptop as well ?

Thanks you for all your time and supports

There is specific info in the Knowledge base but also Roon Core kit is coming very soon.

Welcome aboard!

So you want to run the Roon ‘Core’ on the Qnap? If so then there are minimum requirements as well as other recommendations. It has to be an x86 CPU I believe. @crieke is the man who may be able to tell you more Qnap specifics.

The general suggested hardware minimums are here: https://kb.roonlabs.com/FAQ:_What_are_the_minimum_requirements%3F

If you’re not running your Core on it though, it doesn’t really matter.

Yes, if the core should be running on the QNAP a 64-bit x86 cpu is required. I have no experience with AMD CPUs which are used by some QNAP models. Roonlabs recommends an i3 or higher. On option for i3 processors (or higher) can be found for example in the TVS-x71 series.

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What is Roon Core Kit?

See here