Imagination or Real?

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I have been using Roon for 2 months and love it. last week (after much pondering) I bought an Aries G1. This device is Roon Ready. I hooked up my Aries G1 to MX121 through Digital Coax and treating Aries G1 as Roon end point. I am not able to define what it is but it sounds lot better. Aries g1 seem to have removed the Jitters and seems like it is lot more precise

Ofcourse, the Aries G1 is not cheap but they are a great company to deal with (Just like Roon). Is there anything technical happening for me to realize this effect? Is it similar to the placebo effect in medicine? :smile:

Doesn’t matter. If you think it sounds better, then it does. I guess the question is, sounds better than what?

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Thats a profound line of questioning. Better than Airplaying Roon to MX121. So having Aries g1 as end point and connecting that to MX121 is better than Airplaying from Roon to Mx121

Thank you sir

Hi Vijay. One thing is you’re now using using Roon RAAT protocol versus Airplay.

I would expect an improvement based on your upgrade. Aries G1 is a nice player.

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I had a very similar experience but from a “better” starting point. I had an Sonore microRendu with a Uptone power supply and switched to the Aries G2.

I only expected convenience from my setup changes but realized that I got so much more. Hard to say why but I was never really impressed with the Sonore even though it got rave reviews online. With the power supply it got to the level I had expected as a minimum from reading the reviews. It was almost like an anti climax as apposed to expectation bias.

So I was very happily surprised with the engineering and the performance of the G2. From what I understand the G1 is very similar in performance.

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Not a good comparison. Almost anything sounds better than Airplay.

Not forgetting of course Airplay is capped at 16bit 44.1/48Khz (depending on endpoint) so everything gets resampled down to this. I lived with Airplay for years, sounded great, especially through my Apple TV funnily enough, toslink out to my DAC. When I subscribed to Qobuz and started seeing all those hi-res albums I went for the Auralic Mini so I could use Lighnting to stream full fat 24bit 192Khz where available. I have just ‘downgraded’ to a Raspberry Pi 4 and boy, as a digital transport this does the job amazingly! :blush: