Imagine if Roon had been found for images too!

Im a big fan of Roon, and this is the only way im listen to music digitally. I really like the way Roon works, with scanning folders and stuff, sometimes I wish it also could exist for photo organization.

Today im using Apple Photos, but what it annoys me, that in the future, the Photo Library will be so big, that you have to have separate libraries, therefor I wish some type of Roon philosophy organization software.

Does anyone knows a good Photo Organization Tool?:slight_smile:

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I’ve been using Photo Supreme since its introduction in 2012, and before that, the previous product from IDimager since 2007.

Photo Supreme meets my needs for managing my photos very well.

It would have been called Aperture :disappointed:

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Google photos auto categorise photos for you and analyses what is present on photo so you can do searches like “baby photos” or “cat” and it will filter it for you.

Yeah, I’m not impressed by these AI-driven auto-categorisation systems. While I can see that they can be useful for general searches, they are certainly no substitute for personal tagging of my own photo library.

Adobe bridge remains excellent and is now no longer bundled with PS but can downloaded for free

Otherwise have a look at Lightroom

I’ve used Lightroom since I was in the product’s beta.

Adobe Photoshop Elements does a fair job for the price