Imogen Heap - One album Roon cant find

I know that roon automaticly finds my music but I have one that does not show up Imogen Heap it is a double album with one being the same songs but instrumental both versions are on my hard drive but only the instrumental shows up. Is it possible that roon thinks it is the same album?

Take a peak under versions and see if it is listed there.

What method did you use to identify it?

I have certainly experienced this before, regular CD plus instrumental version CD identified as the same CD by Roon.

Very early on when weeding out the collection I learnt not to trust Roon whenever it identified a ‘duplicate’ CD, because sometimes it wasn’t.

EDIT: My Imogen Heap Ellipse CD is a single disc but Roon identifies all the tracks as the instrumental versions…No other useful versions are available to select from the EDIT menu. I expect that dBPoweramp picked the wrong metadata during ripping?