Import artists/credits from tracks on album rather than the whole of the originating boxset

I have individual classical compositions listed as albums with the composer as the artist. I realise that this is what the compositions view is for but this for me is the natural way to view classical music and all my titles, tags etc were already organised this way when I started using Roon. It took me a while to sort out the album editing so Roon correctly identified the composition and knew which original CD or box set it belonged to but it all worked fine in the end. Now in 1.8, a track or composition, eg Mozart Violin Concerto No 5, from a classical box set, eg “Stokowski - The Maverick Conductor” shows under every artist that features in the box set, eg 50 different composers. The tracks know what credits apply just to them - you can see them when right clicking on the track details - but the full set of credits for the whole boxset is associated with the “album” listing. These can be deleted by hand but this is a massive undertaking, particularly since for each track/album/composition this can run into over a hundred people.

Please can Roon take the credits just from the track (or group of tracks) rather than for the whole box set it was originally part of?

Otherwise what is the point of allowing us to break an original boxset into smaller albums?

Many thanks