Import music to internal hdd


Hov do I import my 5TB music, from my external hdd usb to the internal hdd 2,5 5TB in my nucleus+.

And can I used the backup I made when I used Roon Audio on my computer, to the nucleus+.

Hi @rene_jensen,

When migrating to Nucleus, you’ll want to follow the steps outlined below. Make sure to follow these steps in order for everything to migrate properly.

Step 1: Migrate Database

In order to migrate to Nucleus, the first step is to backup your database. To do this, we strongly recommend you connect a USB drive directly to your existing Core, or use a NAS or other network storage device on your local network.

(Note: While Dropbox is a good way to keep an incremental backup in the cloud, we don’t recommend it for this migration, as you will be transferring an entire copy of your database, and Dropbox will be significantly slower than USB or network storage).

You can make a backup by doing the following:

  • Go to the Backup tab of Settings
  • Click the "Backup" button next to Backup Now
  • When the backup completes you should see "Last Successful Backup" at the bottom of the Window
  • Shut down your Roon Core

Next, you’ll need to restore the backup on your Nucleus:

  • Ensure the backup you created above is accessible to Nucleus
    • If you backed up to a USB drive, connect it to Nucleus (recommended)
    • If you backed up to network storage, ensure you know the address, log in, and password for your NAS or network storage device
  • Connect to Nucleus by launching Roon on any Mac, Windows PC, iPad, or Android tablet and selecting Nucleus from the “Choose Your Core” screen (note: we don’t recommend using an iPhone or Android phone for this process)
  • You can read about restoring backups here
  • Use Roon’s file browser to locate the /RoonBackups folder you created in earlier
    • If you created a USB backup, it should be connected to your Nucleus and you can navigate to it
    • If you backed up to network storage, you can find the RoonBackups folder by clicking Add Network Share and entering the details for your NAS

Step 2: Setup Internal Storage

If you’re moving your library to the internal storage of Nucleus there are some additional steps that need to be taken to ensure that you library properly migrates with all edits in place. If you need help formatting your internal storage, please see our article on the subject.

  1. Go to Settings > Storage and disable all current watched folders except Internal Storage. To do this, select the 3 dots next to the storage location and then choose Disable.
  2. Access the Web Administration Interface and stop the Roon Server Software.
  3. Copy your files to the internal storage of Nucleus.
  4. Once the transfer is complete, return to the Web Administration Interface and restart the Roon Server Software.
  5. Roon will go through the process of identifying the files from your Internal Storage and match them to your existing Roon library.

If you have any questions please let me know!