Import my self-made music to Roon

How can I import my self-made music to Roon?

All my Computers, mobile gear are Apple with newest software - Roon Core is a Mac Mini, music system is all Meridian 800/8000 Series.

I tried to change my music in all described import formats (FLAC, AIFF, WAF etc.).
Does anyone have a solution?

Thanks in advance - Stefan

Stefan - have you told Roon where your files are stored? If not, you need to add them by going to Settings : Storage : +Add folder. Once added Roon will import all your files in whatever format they are saved. I hope this is what you are trying to do, but if not please clarify.

I’m assuming by ‘self made music’ you’re referring to tracks you have recorded yourself and not just commercial CDs you have ripped yourself? If the latter ignore the rest of my my post as it relates to the to the former.

You can add metadata to your own recordings in accordance with Roon’s metadata model / tag guidelines using 3rd party tools like Yate or MP3TAG and your tracks / albums should then appear correctly in Roon.

Obviously unless you’re a well-known artist Roon won’t be able to match the album/tracks to external sources and hence won’t pull in any external metadata, but it should allow you to group them into pseudo-albums and create a basic page for you if you list yourself as the Artist in the file metadata.

Roon also has a notion of ‘a folder full of loose files’ whereby all the tracks in a folder (if unrecognised by Roon) will be grouped together under a pseudo-album based on the folder name, although I can’t seem to find any official documentation on this. Maybe someone can chime in if they know where a document explaining this lives or suggest a good post on how this works exactly.

Once you stray outside of Roon’s ‘album centric’ model of music things get a little tricker, you can sort of bend the tagging rules to make Podcasts, Archived Radio Shows and DJ Mixes work, but it sort of falls down in terms of how they get displayed ie. radio shows and podcasts are episodic and have a strong notion of date order, rather than album order. I’d be interested in hearing people solutions here or pointed at some good documentation on how to best handle this kinds of ‘non album centric’ music content.

Hi Stefan,

I had to work through this for my son albeit a while ago, I’m not even musical if you hit me. We were using both Logic Pro (or pro logic) and GarageBand and found that you could (their terminology) bounce recordings out in a format that my music library could live with.

I have limited knowledge and no expertise, but I tend to agree with Adrian that it is more a matter of where your files are located rather than their format, particularly if you have tried some of the standard types.

If this doesn’t help, it might benefit us to know what software you are recording into to see how it gets back out.