Import playlist from Qobuz

I generally update my main playlist in the standalone Qobuz app so that I have access when I’m not near my Roon core. But the Qobuz playlist within Roon does not include the playlist I maintain in Qobuz. How can I synch or import to Roon?

You could use Soundiiz to export your playlists, and then import into Roon.

What format would I use to export? Here are the options Soundiz (I’m a subscriber) offers.

I think there is a straightforward way of doing this. In Qobuz, mark the playlist favourite / subscribe (heart), and it will appear in Roon.

To speed up syncing, go to Settings > Services > Edit (Qobuz), and then press Sync library now.

First, I don’t see anywhere to mark a playlist in Qobuz as a favorite. Here’s what I see for the playlist I’m trying to copy to Roon (My iPod + Q):

If I go into the playlist, I can make individual tracks favorites, but not the whole playlist:

And even after synching, there are way fewer playlists in Roon than I have in Qobuz.

What am I missing?

Click on the ellipsis, and you’ll see the heart.

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I’m feeling a little dense. Here’s what I see when I click on the ellipsis. No heart:

Use the ellipsis here…

Screenshot from 2022-09-20 22-09-35

No Favorites heart.

I’m uncertain why you can’t see the heart… it’s visible on my iPhone.

And, updates to the playlist sync with Roon.

I was trying to do this on an iMac. That’s where my screenshots were from. So I went to my iPhone and saw the screen you pasted in. But the Subscribe option is greyed out and unresponsive. (Grrrr!)

So the mystery remains. But you know what? Now that Roon ARC will be available away from the Core, I won’t have to rely on sync-ing the Qobuz playlist with it’s Roon version. So maybe we can just give this a rest.

Thank you for sticking with it. If you have any thoughts about the greyed-out Subscribe button, I’d be interested. Otherwise, let’s just leave it for now.


Check in Roon to see if it hasn’t synced. Go to Settings > Services > Edit (Qobuz) and click on Sync library. The playlist should appear under My Playlists.

The heart can’t be selected on my Qobuz app either because it’s already “subscribed”.